We all have cravings that must be taken care of. Growing up, our founder Rachit Goil’s fondest food memory was midnight Shahi Tukdas that was prepared by his grandmother. The delicious crispy bread dessert would always make him drool and gratify his sweet tooth. His penchant for food, especially desserts forced him to open the striking pink doors of Cravity.

Cravity Chefs import the finest ingredients from France to whip up the delectable desserts. The menu was conceptualized to boast of a global cuisine with exotic dishes from across the globe.

The boss cancel your leave? Have a laphroaig macaron.

Had a bad hair day? A blueberry cheesecake can fix that.

Have a really bad craving? You better save room ‘cause have you covered.

You are never too far from a sugar high when you are at Cravity. We got the treats, so dig in!


Cravity Founder Rachit Goil
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