Pounce. Gobble. Slurp. Drool.

If those are your actions around a dessert, our sweet-o-meter tells us that you’ve arrived at your destination!

Got a craving that must be taken care of? Cravity, a Parisian café has scooped up the best desserts in town and is waiting for you to grab your forks and bite right in. Located in the heart of South Delhi, Cravity is a one-stop sweet shop that will bring out your inner 8 year old. We don’t take desserts lightly. We take them at the start of the meal and use the finest French ingredients in state of the art equipment to prepare them. We bake our breads in-house and the bread-artisans we have are amongst the most experienced in the city and the reason why our kitchens smell so divine all the time.

Apart from desserts, our eclectic menu offers a range of savouries, small bites, and inviting appetizers. The interiors and the ambience of Cravity instill an emotion of dining at a quaint European café. Our servers leave no stone unturned to ensure you have an indelible experience amidst the hustle and bustle of Delhi, yet away from it.

You better come hungry ‘cause we got you.


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