Legend has it that cakes have been clearing gloom and bringing smiles to faces long before ovens were invented. Celebrations, no matter how minor are never complete without cake. Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, graduation cakes, etc. No major occasion gets passed without cake being a part of it and some frowns are turned upside down with generous forkfuls of the sweet stuff. Cakes are for life and in abundance at Cravity. We are trying to make the world a better place by baking one cake at a time. Our list includes the classics, the mainstays, the ones that have taken over the dessert world, and the hearts of diners everywhere.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE: The good old chocolate truffle. A soft eggless sponge layered with 54% French chocolate is indulgence at its best.

PRINCE OF CHOCOLATE: 53% dark and delicious French chocolate mousse over an almond sponge base blended with crunchy hazelnut. It is rumoured to be the ultimate sweet cure.

BEURRE SALÉ AU CHOCOLAT: A three-layered scrumptious cake. The base of creamy chocolate brownie with a layer of chocolate mousse in between and topped with a layer of salty caramel puff.

CRAVITY DECADENCEBaked New York cheesecake covered with French chocolate.

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE: The most popular cake of NewYork comes with a creative twist. The cheesecake is topped with blueberry curd that makes it irresistible.

CHARLOTTE: The classic French dessert. Fruity custard cream is mixed with in-house biscuits to whip this mouthwatering cake.

NEW FOREST: Cravity’s own version of the traditional eggless black forest. Cherries are replaced with blueberries on the inside while the outer coating is made with traditional French chocolate.

CRUNCHY CARAMEL: The combination of velvety cream and crunchy yet chewy meringue is quite the treat.

OPERA CAKE: The classic combination of French chocolate, buttercream, and coffee in a perfectly balanced dessert.

NUTELLA OREO:  Moist, dense and chocolaty – it is a delight for all the chocolate lovers. Oreo base is topped with French chocolate mousse infused with Nutella.

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