Buttery, flaky, crispy, a croissant is a viennoiserie pastry whose thought with a cup of hot chocolate can make your stomach rumble. The delicious smell of warm pastry wafting from a distance can get us all drooling. Pure gold, wonderfully rich, and crispy, Cravity’s croissants are carefully baked for hours using natural liquid yeast that makes them irresistibly mouthwatering. A breakfast classic, we bake our croissants fresh and bursting with butter and with flavours that will make eating more than a pleasurable experience.

PAIN AU CHOCOLAT: Iconic, buttery, flaky pastry with a dark chocolate centre. The little miracle of a pastry puff is not only pleasing to the eyes but also to the palate.
ALMOND CROISSANT: Our signature croissant. Flaky, nutty, creamy and incredibly delicious, they could become your next culinary kryptonite.
HAM & CHEESE: Deli smoked ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and buttery croissants. That sounds good, right? It tastes even better.
CHEESE: The classic French croissant. There are hardly any better ways to greet the mornings.

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