Macarons are brightly coloured, mini meringues, daintily sandwiched together with gooey fillings that can bring the smile back in an instant. Light, melt in the mouth outer shell has a creamy and delicious layer of fillings. Macarons originated in France and have become a staple part of desserts all around the world. Pierre Hermé, a world-renowned pastry Chef has experimented with this dessert and given us new and exotic flavours that have changed the way the world scoffs down these packets of joy. Often referred to as the father of macarons, he introduced a creamy layer between the two meringue cookies that changed the culinary world. At Cravity, we use a recipe that is as close as it could get to that of Pierre Herme’s. That is the reason we have been able to introduce flavours that were unheard of in the past while maintaining the authenticity and the taste.

Laphroiag Macaron – It has been prepared for all the whiskey connoisseurs. Quarter cask single malt combined with French chocolate present between two crunchy macaron shells is a match made in heaven.

Wasabi Macaron – Straight from Pierre Herme’s kitchen, this dainty treat makes use of white chocolate ganache blended in perfection with wasabi that is sandwiched between two crunchy macaron shells.

Beurre Salé Macaron – Soft buttercream and thick caramel sauce sandwiched between two crunchy macaron shells make it divine in taste.

Raspberry Macaron – Tangy, sweet and a definitive answer to your cravings. Sandwiched between two crunchy macaron shells are raspberry ganache and 33 % French milk chocolate.

Chocolate Macaron – Everyone’s favourite, this luxurious little treat uses French chocolate ganache that is present between two crispy macaron shells.

Fig and Cinnamon – When the flavours of figs and cinnamon powder are mixed with White chocolate ganache, perfection happens in the form of Fig and Cinnamon macarons.

Lemon Macaron – The puckery flavour of lemon curd is balanced impeccably between two crackling macaron shells.

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